劉少倫 Shao-Lun (Allen) Liu – Principal Investigator


Current Position – Professor, Department of Life Science & Center for Ecology and Environment, Tunghai University

最高學歷: 英屬哥倫比亞大學植物學系博士

PhD – Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Canada


Tel: +886-423590121 ext. 32414 (Office) & 32415 (Lab)
E-mail: shaolunliu(at)


研究項目概要(Summarized Research Projects):

  • 桃園藻礁、東沙環礁、太平島、墾丁等海域海藻資源調查
  • 藻類分子生態及高通量定序物種多樣性研究
  • 嗜溫嗜酸溫泉紅藻演化生態、比較轉錄體、適應輻射、生態生理特性之研究



方森婭 Silvia Fontana – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Highest degree (最高學歷): PhD – Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) – Biodiversity program, Academia Sinica, and Department of Life Science, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taipei, TAIWAN

Current position (現職): Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Life Sciences, Tunghai University

Research Interest (研究興趣): Genomic and comparative transcriptomic studies applied to understand evolution and present-days biodiversity. Marine/aquatic biology and entomology.

Current Research (目前研究): Evolutionary biology of red algae.

E-mail: silviaf06(at)


  • Fontana S, Yeh LW, Zhan SH, Liu SL. 2022. A multifaceted ecological assessment reveals the invasion of the freshwater red macroalga Montagnia macrospora (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) in Taiwan. Ecology and Evolution 12: e8906.
  • Fontana S, Chang N, Chang T, Lee C, Dang V, & Wang J. (2020). The fire ant social supergene is characterized by extensive gene and transposable element copy number variation. Molecular Ecology 29: 105-120.
  • Dang V, Cohanim AB, Fontana S, Privman E, & Wang J. (2019). Has gene expression neofunctionalization in the fire ant antennae contributed to queen discrimination behavior? Ecology and Evolution 9: 12754-12766.
  • Lee STM, Keshavmurthy S, Fontana S, Takuma M, Chou WH, & Chen CA. (2018). Transcriptomic response in Acropora muricata under acute temperature stress follows preconditioned seasonal temperature fluctuations. BMC Research Notes 11: 119.
  • Liu SYV, Chan CLC, Hsieh HJ, Fontana S, Wallace CC, & Chen CA. (2015). Massively parallel sequencing (MPS) assays for sequencing mitochondrial genomes: the phylogenomic implications for Acropora staghorn corals (Scleractinia; Acroporidae). Marine Biology 162: 1383-1392.
  • Keshavmurthy S, Fontana S, Mezaki T, González LdelC, & Chen CA. (2014). Doors are closing on early development in corals facing climate change. Scientific Reports 4: 5633.
  • Schmidt-Roach S, Johnston E, Fontana S, Jury CP, & Forsman Z. (2014). Daytime spawning of Pocillopora species in Kaneohe Bay, Hawai‘i. Galaxea 16: 11-12.
  • Keshavmurthy S, Yang SY, Alamaru A, Chuang YY, Pichon M, Obura D, Fontana S,… Chen CA. (2013). DNA barcoding reveals the coral “laboratory-rat”, Stylophora pistillata encompasses multiple identities. Scientific Reports 3: 1520.
  • Rahmani MR, Rahimian H, Ardalan M, Keshavmurthy S, Fontana S, Wallace CC, & Chen CA. (2013). Acropora distribution patterns in the northern and northeastern Persian Gulf. Zoological Studies 52: 40.
  • Fontana S, Keshavmurthy S, Hsieh HJ, Denis V, Kuo CY, Hsu CM, … Chen CA. (2012). Molecular evidence shows low species diversity of coral-associated hydroids in Acropora Corals. PLoS ONE 7: e50130.
  • Keshavmurthy S, Hsu CM, Kuo CY, Denis V, Leung JKL, Fontana S, … Chen CA. (2012). Larval Development of Fertilized “Pseudo-Gynodioecious” Eggs Suggests a Sexual Pattern of Gynodioecy in Galaxea fascicularis (Scleractinia: Euphyllidae). Zoological Studies 12: 143-149.


艾雷莎 Ganies R Aristya – PhD student

Current Position (目前學歷):PhD student, Department of Life Science, Tunghai University

Research Interest (研究興趣): Population genetics of crops.

Current Research (目前研究): Molecular systematics of freshwater red algae & genetic engineering of microbes for bioplastics.



  • Aristya GR, Putri F, Kasiamdari RS, & Musthofa A. (2020). DNA barcoding and phylogenetic analysis sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) based on matK (maturase K) gene. Key Engineering Materials 840: 162–170.
  • Aristya GR, Kasiamdari R. S., Setyoningrum, R., & Larasati, B. (2019). Genetic variations of strawberry cultivars of Fragaria x ananassa and Fragaria vesca based on RAPD. Biodiversitas 20: 770-775.
  • Arif MF, Aristya GR, & Sri Kasiamdari R. (2019). Genetic diversity of strawberry cultivars in banyuroto, magelang, Indonesia based on cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence. Biodiversitas 20: 1721-1728.
  • Kasiamdari RS, Febiansi D, Prabowo H, Aristya GR, & Musthofa A. (2019). Genetic variation and characterization of the sucrose synthase 2 gene (Sus2) in sugarcane based molecular markers. Biodiversitas 20: 3087-3096.


陳品辰 Pin-Chen Chen – PhD student



E-mail: pinchen55(at)





張文瑞 Ray Zhang – Master student



E-mail: rayjeff31038(at)



張綺耘 Una Zhang – Master student



E-mail: chiyununa(at)


~訪問學者(Visiting Scholar & Students)~

Dr. Jaruwan Mayakun’s team  (6.April.2017 – 10.July.2017; 1.May.2019 – 15.July.2019)

Research Topic: Ecology and Biodiversity of Halimeda spp.



林敬舒博士 Dr. Ching-Su Lin (March.1, 2014 – December.1, 2014) 



E-mail: d97b44001(at)




Dr. Shing Hei Zhan (May 3-16, 2013; Dec 15-24, 2013)

Research Interest: (1) Genomics of rare paediatric diseases and cancers; (2) Evolutionary consequences of polyploidy in plants and animals; (3) Development of tools for phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses; (4) Systems modeling of biological pathways and processes

Workshop held during the visit:Species Diversification Analysis in R“.


~過去成員(Previous Members)~

陳霖 Leo Chen (大學生、碩士生:2018.7~2021.06 殼狀珊瑚藻群落組成研究; E-mail: leo61405xyz(at)

黃子晏 Amber Huang (大學生、碩士生兼研究助理:2015.7~2020.02 溫泉紅藻多基因親緣關係、耐熱及營養生理多樣性研究; E-mail: amberni216(at)

黃郁媞 Yu-Ti Huang (大學部兼研究助理:2014.7~2019.07 溫泉紅藻生理多樣性研究; E-mail: betsy11633(at)

唐光佑 Guang-You Tang (研究助理:2018.03~2018.12 桃園藻礁殼狀珊瑚藻群落組成研究; E-mail: tomone9(at)

Carolin Nieder (研究助理:2015.11~2018.7 東沙海藻多樣性研究; E-mail: carolin_nieder(at) )


珮瑄 Pei-Hsuan Lai (碩士生兼研究助理: 2012.8~2017.6乳節藻多樣性、越南蝦池蜉蝣生物多樣性)


謝佳蓉 Chia-Jung (Elina) Hsieh  (大學生、碩士生兼研究助理:2012.8~2016.2 溫泉紅藻多樣性研究; E-mail: scj0716(at)