Our research interests mainly focus on two aspects: (1) species diversity surveys using DNA barcoding and eDNA metabarcoding and (2) various macro-evolutionary processes on their diversification trends.  I use various molecular tools, bioinformatics and statistical analyses (by using Perl, Python, and R), and high-throughput next-generation sequencing techniques (e.g., MinION nanopore, illumina, and 454 pyrosequencing) to address various ecological questions. Some of the research questions are listed below. Please check the TIGP Fellowship (http://tigp-biodiv.biodiv.tw/) if you like to pursue your PhD in this lab.

(1) How does the evolution of new traits (e.g., eco-physiological properties or morphological features) facilitate the species diversification?

(2) How do different external factors shape the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function?

(3) What types of seaweeds often compete over corals?

(4) How do human activities affect aquatic biodiversity?

To tackle these questions, I used microalgae and seaweeds as materials.